EXCITEWIN Casino is a popular online casino that offers its visitors a high level of comfort and quality service. Following our recommendations, it will not be difficult and easy for you to start playing online casino. For example, many customers love the popular Juicy Fruit slot machine.

Since its founding in 2009, the company (the future leader in the slot machine market) has been developing innovative online slot machines. Products of this company have an interesting storyline and original design. Presented slot machines are diverse, they can be with two and three reels, with 20 lines and the ability to run multiple reels at once. This implies that everyone will be able to get maximum enjoyment from the game.

Slot machines

At online casinos EXCITEWIN the following types of slot machines:

  • Roulette. This is a traditional classic version of the game, which is represented by the following slots: “Wild symbol”, “Association”, “Electra”, etc.
  • Slot machine. This is a new slot that was created on the basis of old slot machines, also with five reels and 20 paylines. These slot machines are equipped with a modern control system gambler, which allows you to consider such machines not only modern, but also a revolutionary decision in the field of gambling.
  • Juicy fruits. This is another popular video slot that features images of fruit. For example, the Wild Strawberry slot features images of cherries, grapes, watermelon, apples, etc. Many gamblers who prefer gambling, consider it the slot machines as the best option for playing online. This is because these video slots can play even in the paltry stakes, which in turn can significantly lift your spirits and bring moral satisfaction.
  • Rally. This slot is a game of doubling, and it happens by spinning the reels for free after each successful combination. Then the player gets the right to put his winnings on the line. The stake can range from 1.5 to 50 coins. If the player wins, the player receives a prize, which is divided among all the players.
  • All players who are already familiar with us, can not worry, because we are sympathetic to each of our clients. We are looking for the best options for the game, so that each visitor who has decided to play our slot, could not only feel the excitement, but also enjoy the game of chance.

Pay attention Juice Fruits slot machine (Apple Fruits) attracts attention with its unusual and exciting plot. The device is made in the form of two game drums, on which the player can choose from 10 paylines. Combinations of pictures on the slots can consist of reels 3, 9, and 21. The maximum winning amount is 170 thousand coins. The main winnings in the various slots Juice fruits
A nice bonus of the game will be the presence of the progressive jackpot, where doubling your winnings occurs at your request. Jackpot can be won if the symbol with the image of a fruit will fall out on the reel.

Bonuses and special offers

EXCITEWIN online casino offers the following types of bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus, the amount of which can vary from $50 to $100.
  • High Stakes Bonus gives you the opportunity to make unlimited bets on the slot machine Alien: Isolation (Shark Nora) at Vulcan Casino. 3. Bonuses accrued for recharge.At the casino, you can get bonuses for recharge, playing bonus slots. After all, the replenishment bonus increases by 4 times.
  • Bonus “Lucky” (In Lucky) in online hotel (here you can give up to 70% of the deposit amount). There are many bonuses at the casino, and we will tell you about the most popular and best of them, just like you.

In the gaming club there are the following types of bonus:

  • Deposit Bonus.
  • Bonuses for replenished deposits.
  • Bonus “system of rewards” (system of rewards players), you can find out here.
  • The bonus for the replenished deposit you can also expect the bonus system, more details about which you can read here.
  • Also, you may be offered various promotions and tournaments with bonuses and special offers, as well as new slots, as well as a search bonus.

Bonus Program Many online casinos offer you special bonus programs, such as the “Points System,” which is very beneficial for players. Also, you can read about what bonuses there are in casinos and what they can give you:

  • The Super Bonus system. If you make a deposit of $1,000 or more, you get 200% more free games than the limit.
  • Rewards System (Reward System). You can get $1000 extra prize, which you can spend later on as payment for games or for additional services.
  • Rewards System. You can join an elite team of online players who have common privileges.
  • Percentage on winnings. You can also get a portion of the wager.


At the online casino, you can withdraw funds in the following ways:

  • To Visa or MasterCard. This is a very convenient and profitable way, as you will receive up to 10% of the deposit amount to your account. The commission will be 2%. For each transaction you will pay 2% of the total amount. You can withdraw money with a plastic card. When you transfer money to the card account, only the interest will be charged on that amount. To do this you must contact the bank with which you have an agreement, and write an application for withdrawal of money, specifying in it the card number and details of the recipient, as well as the account number. After checking the application and supporting documents the money will be transferred to the account.
  • To a bank account. The best option for transferring money. To use it, you must have a VISA or MasterCard and an account at the bank. Only after getting the account number, the card can be used to withdraw money. When withdrawing money to a bank account the fee will be 3%. To transfer money to the account, you must make an application on the page of the corresponding service.
  • To the electronic purse QIWI. It allows you to get money in several ways. With QIWI e-wallet you can get money in cash advance offices in post offices; – Get a MasterCard or a copy of it (if you do not already have one) at any terminal (if any).

Through Sberkniga online bank to transfer money from QI WI terminal to any bank card; – To make a purchase in online stores (for example, AliExpress). When transferring funds from Qiwi to any other card or account, you will need a passport.


Thus, a popular online casino EXCITEWIN is one of the best, because it has a convenient, intuitive interface, gives its players the convenience of registration and withdrawal of money won. This is confirmed by numerous reviews about the gaming portal. In addition, the site also has another line of games,