FOXY casino is a popular online casino, which is characterized by high quality service and an extensive selection of slots. You can register on the site, and get the bonus “Button”, after entering the entire amount of winnings. It is also possible to download additional software for your smartphone and play for free.

Slot machines

At Foxy Casino, you can quickly and without registration to play all kinds of slot machines from famous manufacturers. You can play for real money or in demo mode. To do this you need to register, make a deposit and get a bonus. Any game has its own bonus features.

Registration at FOXY casino begins with making your first deposit. And on that deposit you will be given a bonus. The amount of the bonus varies from 10 to 30% of the total amount of the deposit, depending on the amount of deposits. If you do everything correctly, you will get all the money to your account immediately after making a deposit. From this deposit you can immediately play slot machines, but no more than 2 hours, because you need to make 30 bets to win back the bonus you have:

The first deposit bonus does not apply to the following types of bonuses:

  • Bonuses for inviting friends and players on which you will win
  • Gifts from the casino in the form of game bonuses

At this time, the casino site presents slot machines from the following manufacturers:

  • If the casino does not suit you for any reason, you can always start the game first with the level of “beginner” and pass it to the end. And after that already start playing for real, real money.

Foxy Casino has the following types of slot machines:

  • Roulette. This is the most popular slot machine. It is available in different versions – only one-color lines, the jackpot game or doubling (usually in the casino $1-10).
  • Keno (doubling game). Keno is one of the most gambling games. It is popular on every continent except Australia. It is used for different purposes in different countries. In the same casino can be used for both keno and real money games.
  • Set (dice game). Set is a game of craps. A set can be used to play for real money, not virtual money. When a player loses, he must choose how much to make to start the game. 4. Casino Foxy: electronic games.Eldorado slot machine (in the casino FoxY about 50 different options) works as an interactive backgammon.
  • Memory. In some cases, slot machines may ask you to place additional bets to get extra money.

Pay attention! Now casinos are very popular among online players. It should be noted that their audience is very large – with each passing day casinos are gaining more and more fans.

Bonuses and special offers

Foxy online casino offers the following types of slot machines:

  • A welcome bonus of 100% up to $2000.
  • Limit bonus of 100% up to $2000. 3. 200% progressive jackpot bonus.
  • 50% bonus on first bet.

Bonus for registration.

These types of game bonuses are available throughout the duration of the action. If a player does not spend the deposited funds within 90 days, he automatically stops receiving rewards. As an example, if you made a deposit of $30 and you made a first deposit bonus of $100 between December 16 and January 12, you will immediately receive $1.00 when you withdraw.

As for special offers, such as a 50% deposit bonus, 50% cashback when playing Gaminator, deposits are credited within 24 hours. Registration bonuses are available to any player who makes a first deposit. Contribute funds to the deposit may only once. But if a player who has on balance more than $10, decides to deposit the account again, then the registration bonus will be returned to him. In addition, the bonus for the first deposit will be only 20% of the deposited funds.
These are the main bonuses and additional features that are available to the player online roulette Foxy.

In the online catalog there are 4 types of slot machines from Foxy: Inferno, Famous, Robin Hood, Pirates. Most of them are classic slots, but there are also slot machines that have one unique feature, namely the presence of original bonuses.
Infernal Deluxe slot machine has a special bonus for the unique Wild symbol, which consists of two images of a man and a skull. In fact, this image is an additional winning combination.
An option in the form of a doubling game cannot be released until 80 points have been accumulated. This game is a functional add-on to remove this bonus, which you must be sure to activate at the beginning of the game.

This slot machine differs from the others in that it features drawing style graphics. The gameplay is completely unpredictable, so the game can also turn into something between a mini-map and a 10-line game. The bonus round involves a bonus game in which the player has to collect 3 bonus cards. The second bonus game is designed to determine winning combinations and consists of 5 reels with 31 playing fields. As a result, throughout the game, these 5 reel game lines form 5 cards that need to be rotated to a certain angle to get the winnings. At the bottom of the screen is shown and the number of main game lines, which is the game.

Pay attention! Many slot machines online offer you to play for free, without registration. If you are interested in this slot, then the slot machines for wind machines for you. In between games you can play other games, which it also presents. The popular slot machine Pirates Garage has more than 30 paylines.
If a winning and additional combination is determined in this slot machine, you will get an instant payout.

Withdrawal of money

At Foxy online casino, money can only be withdrawn in the following ways:

  • To Visa or MasterCard. This can be done in two ways: depositing to any of the accounts opened by the online service and depositing to the account via SMS.
  • To deposit your balance in the WebMoney payment system. To do this you must open an account in this system, then choose in the menu WebMoney wallet from which you want to withdraw money. 3. You can withdraw money to Yandex.Money or QIWI Purse.


So, Foxy Online Casino is checked for the absence of viruses, so you can play at your pleasure at the slot machines for free and without registration. When playing for money and losing money, you need to replenish your account for the further game, but even this will not be a problem, as the online casino and has at its disposal a considerable amount of money, and it is possible to replenish the balance at any time of day and night. If necessary, you can contact support with any questions, where experts will answer your every question and help to understand the casino.